[Review & SALE]: Serta Raised Air Bed

Is the Serta Raised Bed TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Serta Raised Air Bed Review Video Below)


Serta-Raised-Air-Bed-Review-Image-1Pump-up beds are perfect when you have the need to accommodate the occasional visitor but you do not have a spare room.

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These beds can be temporarily inflated, then deflated and stashed away when not in use. We take a look at what buyers have thought about the Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump.


The pump that comes with the mattress is not your standard pump, with which you inflate the mattress and then detach the pump. This pump remains attached to the mattress all the time, and it has a pressure sensor that works something like a thermostat. When the pressure drops below the required setting, the pump automatically switches on and pumps more air in until the desired pressure is restored. This feature means the bed remains comfortable for the entire night.

Owners can choose from several different firmness settings, so that everybody should be able to choose the perfect firmness according to their preference. Once the setting is chosen, the mattress can be inflated in just a few minutes.

The mattress is a standard bed size, something that pleased a lot of buyers. It means that normal bedclothes can be used with the mattress, rather than having to buy special sheets or blankets to fit a non-standard size. Another popular feature with the Serta Raised Bed is the fact that it inflates to the same height as a normal bed. That makes it suitable for people who might have difficulties getting in or out of a low-level bed.
Serta-Raised-Air-Bed-Review-Image-2Reviewers were happy with the sleep quality that the Serta Raised Bed provides. The firmness remains constant thanks to the automatic pump. In addition, the bed’s surface is smooth, rather the more common ridged surfaces, adding to the overall comfort of this bed.


Just like all other air-filled mattresses, the Serta Raised Bed will draw heat from the body during the night to warm up the cold air beneath. Some reviewers found that this made the bed quite cold. However, this problem is easily fixed just by adding a blanket or two.


The Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump is a really good choice for anybody looking for a temporary bed. Everybody will be able to find a firmness level that suits them perfectly. The bed will maintain its firmness throughout the night. It is accessible to all because it inflates to the height of normal bed.


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