[Review & SALE]: Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike

Is the Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike Review Video Below)


Schwinn-Protocol-Review-Image-1What you’ll notice first about the Schwinn Protocol is its sleek design which seems to suggest a high price tag.

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And the second thing you’ll notice is that it’s actually very reasonably priced for a high quality mountain bike. It’s not designed for some of the most extreme off road biking, but for casual riding, it’s a very solid bike.

Every part of the bike is made from high quality (if not top of the line) material and is well designed. It’s an excellent choice for a durable commuter bike or for exercise and is easy to use for riders of all ages and heights. It’s a smooth and easy ride which doesn’t require a lot of pressure on the pedals and regularly maintained, will last years.

The brakes on the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 mountain bike also deserve mention. They’re positioned for easy access and according to users, provide a quick, safe stop. They’re not the most exciting feature, but they’re one of the most important and are one that riders definitely want to know about.

One feature that consumers expect from Schwinn is comfortable seats and the Protocol doesn’t disappoint in this area. A lot of users were perfectly happy with the factory seat, but if you’d prefer something different, it’s easy to find another and switch it out.

Schwinn-Protocol-Review-Image-2All in all, this is exactly what you’d expect from a Schwinn mountain bike. It’s durable, safe and easy to use as well as comfortable, but if you’re not experienced in bicycle maintenance, keep in mind that you will need to take it to a bike shop to be adjusted. If you’re familiar with how to do this, you can handle it yourself, otherwise, remember to consider the small added expense and time involved in having your new bike adjusted.

Of course, this is an issue which is not unique to the Schwinn Protocol 1.0. Any bike that required assembly will likely need some professional adjustment, but given its reasonable price and its quality, this is a small price to pay and one which is well worth it.



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