[Review & SALE]: AIRHEAD G-Force 3 Towable Tube

Is the AIRHEAD G-Force 3 Towable Tube TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Airhead G-Force 3 Review Video Below)


Airhead-GForce-3-Review-Image-1The thrill of being towed through the water by a high-speed boat is one of the things that appeals to both adults and children alike. There is a wide choice of towables available, and one of the best ones is the Airhead AHGF-3 G-Force.

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Judging by the mainly positive reviews this product gets from purchasers, this towable delivers everything the manufacturer’s claim. While some products on the Amazon website score highly because there are only a handful of reviews, the Airhead has an average 4.5 rating based on the feedback from several hundred reviewers.

The challenge for manufacturers is to produce towables that are both lightweight and durable, and the Airhead definitely has both those qualities. Durability is key to a long life, and the Airhead has proven itself, with many reviewers stating that it is still perfectly usable after many years.

The towable can take up to four riders, provided they are quite small. It is ideal for three riders, and with three people on board, the towable is at its most stable. It can also be used by two if they are slightly larger than normal. Any less than that and the towable will be unstable.


By the nature of towables, people are inevitably going to fall off. When the boat is traveling at high speed, it can take a few minutes before it can turnaround and come back to pick up somebody who has fallen off. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all riders wear life vests before going for a ride on one.

Even though the Airhead is equipped with handles, two for each rider, general safety should not be overlooked, and the handles, each of which has knuckle guards, are no substitute for life vests. Riders will want to grasp the handles for a more stable ride, but they can still get thrown off, especially in choppy water or during sharp turns.

Airhead-GForce-3-Review-Image-1In terms of safety, the G-Force scores very highly, partly because it can be towed at quite slow speeds. The slower speeds may appeal to youngsters, or to people who have never tried riding a towable before. Many other towables will sink unless they are continually towed at high speeds. The G-Force is no slouch, though, as it can also be used at high speeds.

Inflating the G-Force

The G-Force can be brought to the waterside and inflated there using the supplied pump, so there is no need for a trailer to move it around. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery. Inflating the towable takes just five minutes, the same time as it takes to deflate it.

In common with many other towables, care is needed when opening the valve to deflate the craft. It is a mistake to try to pull these valves out. Because they are set in plastic, doing so can damage the opening or the bladder. Always jiggle, rather than pull, the valve to remove it


The G-Force represents great value for money. It comes with a durability that is equal to that of many more expensive models. Its ability to work at slow speeds as well as high make it a versatile craft suitable for all ages and skills.



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