[Review & SALE]: Swimline Cool Jam Poolside Basketball

Is the Swimline Cool Jam Poolside Basketball TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Swimline Cool Jam Pro Review Video Below)


Swimline-Cool-Jam-Pro-Review-Image-1This report will focus on the features of the Super-Wide 44″ Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball.

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Our aim is to give you the information you need to make your choice if you’ve been thinking about this poolside basketball set.

The Pros:

Buyers were very happy with how quick and easy set up and adjustment were. The height is adjustable for players of all ages and since poolside basketball is often a spur of the moment activity, quick and easy setup makes a huge difference.

The quality of the materials also got positive remarks from buyers, who said that the ball and backboard are both made from high quality, durable material. One user said that he has had a set for three years and that it is still in great shape despite plenty of use.

Only a few parts of the set are metal, which is important for poolside basketball sets – the less metal there is, the less rusting there is. This makes this a solid choice for salt water pools. The ball is regulation sized and the net is built from heavy duty material which can stand up to regular play.

Swimline-Cool-Jam-Pro-Review-Image-2It’s also very stable once filled with water and will stay put even during serious play. This stability makes it a safe choice, even for younger children. Its curved side and large board help keep the ball where it belongs – in the pool.

The Cons:

Although most buyers were very pleased with the quality of the set, there have been a few users who complained about what most people saw as a positive – the size of the set. You need to have a wide enough pool to install this set, but consumers shouldn’t be too surprised by the size of a poolside basketball set which is advertised as super wide, after all. Its ease of use and installation and the fun of poolside basketball have made the Super-Wide 44″ Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Set a hit with almost everyone who has given this set a try.



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