[Review & SALE]: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars

Is the Bushnell Legend Ultra Binoculars TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10 x 42 Review Video Below)


Bushnell-Legend-Ultra-Binocular-Review-Image-1Most owners of the Bushnell Legends Ultra HD binoculars agree that they provide an excellent viewing experience equal to that of some of the pricier brands.

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Images appear clear and close up to five miles away with the large 42mm diameter lens images and 10X the magnification. More light gets to flow in with the wider lens and this helps provide a high quality visibility even in dim lighting. In normal lighting, you will get vibrant images. The other contributing factor to the high visibility is the ultra-wide coated, top quality ED glass in the lens.

Protection is many times overlooked when it comes to outdoor equipment. Removable lens covers typically come with most binoculars and other optics to provide protection for them when they are not being used or are being transported. Bushnell has taken this to the next level and attached the caps to its Legends Ultra HD binoculars. This way you do not have to go in search of the caps when you need them.

You usually use binoculars just outdoors, and this causes the optic exposure of nature’s elements on a routine basis. Dust, dirt, damp mornings and rain showers could cause damage to your binoculars over the years, and this is the reason that the owners of these Bushnell binoculars love the lightweight, water repellent coating on the body of these binoculars.

You have to factor in the price of any consumer purchase to calculate the overall value of any item you discuss. While there are those individuals who feel you receive the quality you pay for, this does not always hold true. However, it should not shoot your whole budget just to purchase a pair of binoculars. Bushnell Legends Ultra HD provides as much quality as other models in the same price range and at times, devices that are in a high price range as in the ones made by Swarovski. Consumers could shell out many hundreds and even thousands of dollars for the higher priced brands, but this Bushnell Legends model provides you a similar experience at a much lower price.

Bushnell-Legend-Ultra-Binocular-Review-Image-2You do not always think about accessories when talking about binoculars. However, a nice carrying case is a necessity if you want to keep your binoculars from banging around in the car while you are traveling. Bushnell provides you with a durable case for your Legends. You also will receive a padded harness and neck strap for your binoculars.


Overall, you will see little in negative comments regarding the Bushnell Legends. They provide clear viewing, excellent colors and more to make them the preferred model for hunters, hikers, bird watchers and others. A minor issue users report has to do with the adjustments. The diopter focus and adjustment are a bit tight. This is deliberate for accident prevention. However, this does cause awkwardness at times in handling the binoculars. In comparison to all the positive statements, though, this is just a minor inconvenience.


The overall opinion is favorable for this Bushnell model when you consider all the comments and reviews about the product. The range, clarity, ease of use and color quality are only some of the positive points about this model of optics. In comparison with other models in a similar category the Legends delivers the same if not better quality than many of them do, and for many years have been named the best binoculars, according to the website of Binoculars.com.




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