[Review & SALE]: Thule 92725 Universal Flat Top

Is the Thule 92725 Universal Flat Top TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Thule 92725 Review Video Below)


Thule-92725-Review-Image-1As you can gather from the name, this product is specifically designed as a carrier for winter sports equipment.

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However, the product turns out to be more versatile than that, and lots of purchasers bought it for entirely different usage. For example, lots of fishing enthusiasts have found it ideal for carrying their gear.

That means that you can have a useful carrier for lots of different kinds of things, making the Thule carrier an excellent investment. Another advantage is that the carrier can be used all year round, because it is designed for winter use. Some purchasers use it for camping trips in summer. The carrier is spacious, with room for eight skis in total.

Fitting some roof carriers can be extremely tedious, but the Thule carrier is easy to fit, and should take the average person about 20 minutes to do so. It is designed to fit almost any vehicle. Putting it in place or removing it again is not difficult, and you will not need to get a professional to do this for you. Because it is so easy to fit or remove, you do not need to keep it on your vehicle when it’s not in use. It also makes it easy to swap the carrier form one vehicle to another.

Security is a key issue for external carriers, and the Thule carrier is pretty much theft-proof. When you have fitted the carrier to your vehicle, you then lock it in place to your crossbars. The equipment you want to carry is locked to the carrier. The units lock on just a single side, so you will not need to spend a lot of time when putting equipment away or retrieving it.

Thule-92725-Review-Image-2When you are on the move, you don’t want your equipment to be bounced around or to be thrown free. The Universal Flat Top Snowsport Carrier provides a really secure unit for your goods. They are held securely in place, and there is no risk of losing anything, or causing damage if driving across difficult terrain, provided you have installed it properly, and use its security features.

One of the biggest selling points for this versatile carrier is that there is a fantastic lifetime warranty with it. This protects you against manufacturing defects. When you are thinking of purchasing a carrier, this is an aspect that could sway you, as there is not always a warranty from other manufacturers.

Nearly everybody who has bought this carrier is very satisfied with the purchase. People like its versatility and they also like the security aspects, and the ease of use. The only consistent complaint about the carrier is that it generates some noise when the vehicle is in motion. This may or may not be a negative point, as many people will not be at all bothered by a little noise.

When you want to take a trip and bring stuff that simply will not fit inside your vehicle, the Universal Flat Top Snowsport Carrier is just the trick. It has plenty of room where you can stash your stuff safely. Because it is easy to fit and remove, it does not take up too much of your valuable vacation time.



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