[Review & SALE]: SportsStuff Super Mable Towable Tube

Is the SportsStuff Super Mable Towable Tube TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My SportsStuff Super Mable Towable Tube Review Video Below)


Sportsstuff-Super-Marble-Towable-Review-Image-1The SportsStuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable is scoring well with online customers.

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Its ratings usually range between 4.3 and 5 stars, which is a pretty good score. Before mounting the tube, it is going to take a little bit of learning, just like most water sports equipment.

You need to pay particular attention to kids, but everybody who is going to ride the tube needs to be given a safety briefing, and everybody should be given life vests. Like most towables, the Sportsstuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable should only be towed by experienced, trained boat operators. If the boat is not maneuvered properly, the towable can go under the water.

The position of the riders can help to reduce the risk of going underwater. Until the riders get used to the equipment, they should lean backwards to improve buoyancy.

Provided everybody is aware of proper practice in terms of safety, the towable can provide great fun for all the family, from infants right up to grandparents. You can put 3 adults or 4 smaller people (kids) on, but do not be tempted to overload. Being able to two three adults is better than the more common 2-adult capacity. Fewer trips means less fuel consumption.

The Sportsstuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable can be ridden in a backwards or forwards configuration, and feels stable whichever one you use. A lot of reviewers suggest using the backwards configuration. This makes it possible to stand up, delivering a more exciting ride and impressing the onlookers.

Sportsstuff-Super-Marble-Towable-Review-Image-1Setting up the towable takes about 5 minutes. It comes with a rechargeable, battery operated pump so that you do not need an electrical outlet to inflate the towable. Once you are finished using it, it takes another 5 minutes or so to deflate.

Like all other towables, this one is made from a plastic-based material. This keeps the weight down, but it also makes it easy to damage. The Sportsstuff 53-2223 is quite heavy, and its weight is even more noticeable when it’s wet. However, the weight also indicates that the unit is a bit stronger than lighter towables.

The balance between strength and weight is highlighted by the fact that the tube feels very heavy when wet, but at the same time, when you pull out the plug to deflate it, you can easily damage the tube. You need to jiggle the plug from side to side to get it out without damaging the tube.

In normal use, the Sportsstuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable is solid, durable, and most of all, great fun. It will be hard to find a better one at the price.



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