[Review & SALE]: Seiko SKX173 Diver’s Watch

Is the Seiko SKX173 Diver’s Watch TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Seiko SKX173 Review Video Below)


Seiko-SKX173-Review-Image-1Watches are a fashion statement, so design is one of the most important elements: and buyers like how this watch looks.

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It has a retro 60s look to it which consumers called vintage, even timeless, rather than dated. The watch has a unified look, with everything from the hands, dial, numbers and bezel being part of a single and attractive whole. Some buyers praised it for having a sort of forceful elegance.

The Seiko SKX173 isn’t just for looks, either. This is also a dive watch and users reported that the seals worked as advertised and that the mechanics of the watch did not suffer from being submerged.

Another feature that buyers liked about this men’s diving watch was its large, highly visible dial which makes it readable even in darker underwater environments. The smooth bezel movement and the relatively large size of the watch face compared favorably with dive watches from other manufacturers used by the same consumers, with users reporting that the dial and hands were far more visible.

The quality and longevity of Seiko timepieces is well known and watch collectors who enjoy Japanese craftsmanship will likely want to add this Seiko men’s dive watch to their collections as an exemplary piece for its style.

Seiko-SKX173-Review-Image-2The Seiko Men’s SKX173 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Automatic Dive Watch was also favored by professional divers, who praised its quality, usability and features, including its mechanical rewinding function. This feature allows the user to wind the watch by shaking it gently for 30 seconds. It’s a practical and elegantly simple solution that most buyers were very happy with.

The Cons:

Some buyers reported that the watch runs a few seconds fast, which is common to mechanical watches. However, if this becomes minutes rather than seconds, it’s a sign that the watch needs to be repaired or replaced. Given Seiko’s standards of quality, there is a good chance that a watch which tends to run very fast is a knockoff rather than an original Seiko SKC173 Dive Watch.

As with any other higher end watch, it’s important to buy from only authorized dealers and to make sure that they don’t void the warranty – having a watch repaired at an unauthorized shop, for instance, may render your warranty invalid.





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